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ביה"ס ללחימה


חרב גדעון



In today’s world, the threat of terrorism faces each and every one of us. No community is safe. The question you must ask yourself is, are you prepared? Police and security personnel can’t be everywhere at all times. Today’s reality demands that the average citizen take responsibility for the security of himself, his family and his community.


The Second Amendment provides us with the right to bear arms. However it does not provide us with the knowledge of how to safely and professionally respond to a threat.


Cherev Gidon is an elite, tactical training school committed to providing responsible citizens with the skills necessary to neutralize a threat. We offer everything from basic firearms safety courses for beginners, to advanced CQC tactical shooting courses for professionals. We can provide you with the training you need to become confident in your ability to defend yourself and those around you.


Conveniently located in Wayne County PA; only two hours outside of New York City, as well as in Phoenix Arizona; we are within several hours driving from most major cities on the North-East as well as South-West.


We specialize in Israeli tactical shooting techniques, developed over the course of several decades of counter-terrorism warfare, and uniquely designed to address the threats we face today. All of our firearms instructors are highly qualified veterans of Israel Defense Force combat units. Many have served in Special Forces units and all have hands-on experience fighting terror.


If you want to truly be prepared to respond to a violent threat and gain top-of-the-line firearms skills, book a course with Cherev Gidon!