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Question: Do I have to own my own gun to participate in your courses?


Answer: Not at all. We provide all firearms and necessary gear for our courses. You CAN however bring your own gun to our courses if you so wish. Please consult with us before bringing any guns to our courses.



Question: Do I need a gun license to participate in your courses?

Answer: No license is needed to participate in ANY of our courses.

Question: I have some experience with firearms, but my wife has never shot a gun before and she wants to become proficient before she gets her carry permit. Do you have a course she can take?


Answer: Absolutely! We have courses available for every skill level, from beginners to highly skilled shooters. We can find a course that’s right for her.



Question: I’m a father of two boys, ages 9 and 14. I’ve wanted to introduce them to shooting for some time. Can they participate in an introductory shooting course with me?


Answer: The minimum age for firearm courses we offer is 12 (with parent or guardian present). So your 14 year old can participate in a basic firearms safety course, but your 9 year old cannot.



Question: I live in New York City and because of the highly restrictive gun laws, I am limited to owning only very simple, non-tactical rifles with low magazine capacity. Even so, I want to learn how to maximize the effectiveness of the firearms I CAN own despite the limitations, and be able to protect myself and my family to the best of my ability with those firearms. Do you have a course that can give me those skills using these less-desirable weapons?


Answer: We certainly can! Our #1 goal is to provide citizens with the best training possible to fit their needs. We can design a course that will focus on maximizing the defensive capability of those less-than-ideal firearms.



Question: I am the director of a camp in Upstate New York. I would love to have your team come out to us and teach a firearms course to the older campers for a day. Is that possible?


Answer: Under certain circumstances, yes. If your camp has its own on-site rifle range, then it would be possible to hold certain courses there. However because your camp is in New York State, we would only be able to provide Pistol courses to those who have NY Pistol Permits, which would most likely exclude all of the campers. We can however hold rifle and shotgun courses for the general public who do not hold permits. So if you have a range, we could put together a rifle or shotgun course for the campers.



Question:  I am only interested in your upper-level CQB courses, and do not want to bother taking the basic and intermediate courses first. I have experience with guns so I feel this is fair. Can I take your advanced Rifle course?


Answer: Unfortunately no. We offer our courses in the three-tier system in order to ensure that all participants are familiar with all safety protocols and shooting techniques of one level before they move on to a higher level. Allowing you to jump ahead to an advanced course would potentially put yourself and others at risk. The only exception to this would be for Military veterans or current or former Law Enforcement Officers.



Question: Do you offer group rates?


Answer: We do offer special discounted group rates for groups of over 20 people. Contact us for details.



Question: I am a police officer and am interested in your team coming out to my departments training facility for a week to train officers in Israeli counter-terrorism shooting techniques. Can this be arranged?


Answer: Absolutely. Have your CO contact us and we can put together a specialized training package for your department.



Question: My daughter is very religious and only wears skirts. I see that for your intermediate and advanced level courses, training is done wearing IDF combat uniforms. Does she have to wear pants if she takes this course or can she train wearing a skirt?


Answer: We fully understand and aim to accommodate religious requirements whenever possible. While we do require all participants to wear full IDF uniforms during these courses, in situations of religious need we allow women to wear a skirt on top of the IDF pants we issue. The skirt however needs to be either black or dark green and can reach to the knee. We cannot allow skirts that are longer than this as they can cause mobility problems and impede the student’s ability to engage in many parts of the training.



Question: Can pregnant women participate in training sessions?


Answer: No. The intense soundwaves caused by gunfire can damage the fetus.



Question: My wife and I are in our late 70’s and don’t have a lot of strength. We would however love to learn how to shoot. Do you offer courses that can accommodate our needs?


Answer: Definitely! We can help you learn to shoot at your own pace and using guns you feel comfortable using. We can offer you training that isn’t too physically demanding, yet still allows you to maximize your potential.