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"What an amazing time we had at Cherev Gidon this past week. A full day's training on safety, procedures, IDF-style weapons techniques and personal protection, using 9mm automatic pistols, a 12 gauge tactical shotgun and an M-4 automatic carbine rifle. Our trainer, former tzahal officer and counter-terrorism expert, Yonatan Stern was clear and concise, strict with the rules and didn't let a detail go by.

I cannot emphasize more how rewarding this can be. Taken seriously (not just to shoot a few rounds and pretend you're in the movies), this is real training that certainly has it's fun, adrenaline-filled moments, but we came away with the confidence that we understand the weapons, their proper use and even their histories.

You have GOT to check this place out!!"

-Gershon Veroba
 Teaneck, NJ


"Go there if you haven't already!! ...This place is incredible!! Thank you everyone who participated!"

-Shunamit Zelman
Atlanta, GA


"Great training experience... Highly recommended to anyone that wants to learn basic or advanced weapons training and about the IDF."

-Alon Porat
Washington, DC


"[my son] and I learned a ton of facts and skills. Gun safety is important but being effective with your weapon as well as safe is even more important. Thanks Yonatan."

-Yakov Rusanov
Fairlawn, NJ


"My wife and I attended the School this year, I must say, what a great experience. The education was great. Our class had students that had never handled a firearm before, and we also had very experienced students... If you are a fan of the IDF, go and train with these folks. We trained in real IDF uniforms and with the same weapons the IDF use. Great Experience and will go back for more... I would highly recommend this school."

-Lou Kahn
Philadelphia, PA


"Good stuff, lots of info, lots of fun. A good time overall"

-Marcus Hirschhorn
Teaneck, NJ


"I brought my daughters, ages 12 and 14, to learn about gun safety and how to use a rifle. It was a bat mitzvah gift for my younger daughter. My girls were super excited about the idea of learning about and shooting a rifle, and had an incredible, educational, enriching experience. Thank you so much to Cherev Gidon. Yonatan is amazing with kids and I highly recommend this experience for anyone who has teens."

-Zelig Krymko
Queens, NY


 "[I took] the intro course for rifles and had a great time. amazing place to shoot and great instructor, really did a great job explaining things"

-Ben Newman
Philadelphia, PA


"I took a very detail oriented, weapon's training course. I opted for the handgun course. Although you had the option to take the course in rifles, combat etc. Yonatan Stern, a former tzahal officer, and counter terrorism expert was strict with rules and patient with my disabilities and lack of youth.  He was amazing in detail, precise in his teaching abilities.  Personally I feel the course he offers, are geared for real training of weapons and how to handle them. This course is for the person who is serious about learning proper procedures.  You will walk away feeling confident of your understanding and wanting to keep learning."

-Batsheva Gamoran
Monsey, NY


"My son and I took a full day course at Cherev Gidon that was excellent! The instructor worked closely with us as we were beginners. He was very patient and knowledgeable. We both learned a lot about gun safety and got to shoot targets. It was a fantastic experience. We are planning on going back for a more advanced course."

-Leslie Schechter
Brooklyn, NY


"I trained for a full day for a beginner pistol course on a one-on-one setting which was great to provide actual attention to technique and to move at a pace which you can feel comfortable. Everything was done with attention to detail and in a professional manner. We also had the time to discuss to engage in some jovial, fun-filled state of the world discussions... Aside from that, I came away confident from the course to at least know I can handle a pistol and know that I wanted to pursue further training not only in pistols but other weapons. They had tons of choices, everything went at a good pace and I was able to practice with a fair bit of rounds so it was a good day. You can't go wrong going here and the location is great...."

-Eli Gregory
Albany, NY


"Spent the day there with my husband, learning and experiencing something that we never did before. (actually I went along just to appease him, :-) but thoroughly enjoyed it).

The theory portion was presented in a very professional and educational manner......very comprehensive.  The practical portion, was exciting, fun, and most of all safe. Would recommend the program to anyone wanting to learn how to handle a firearm."

-Esther Weber
Brooklyn, NY


"The instructors are patient, friendly, and know their stuff. You'll come out with plenty of knowledge on guns and tactical training. I had a really great experience and I highly recommend Cherev Gidon to anyone looking for a solid, well rounded tactical course."

-Naftali Amsel
Brooklyn, NY.


"To date, I have been trained by many instructors with various types of firearms in different disciplines, but none were as authentic as Cherev Gidon. Unlike many others who hold training certifications, Cherev Gidon prides itself on real IDF experience. Receiving instruction at this level is simply unparalleled. Felt like I was in an IDF training camp. Cherev Gidon covers it all: Safety, handling, combat drills... with individual attention--all at an amazing value. A truly authentic tactical experience!!"

-Avi Almogue
Los Angeles, CA


"The staff at Cherev Gidon are very professional with a keen understanding of tactical training. The equipment that they have on site is amazing and nothing is missing. As far as the facility, I cannot think of a better outdoor training facility within several hundred miles. I highly recommend training with Cherev Gidon."

-Lou Krupkin
Deal, NJ.


"The best training available anywhere. Highly recommended!!!"

-Daniel Kramer
Los Angeles, CA


"I took a basic pistol and rifle course at Cherev Gidon which was unbelievable, so I came back later for intermediate and advanced courses... Extremely professional and knowledgeable staff and top notch training facility. I learned how to defend myself if the need ever arises. I highly recommend. Thank you Cherev Gidon!"

-Yaniv Baron
Boston, MA


"Very well rounded instructors and very professional. They took their time to explain all gun aspects, how to handle firearms and gun safety..."

-Mariusz Subocz
Monroe, NY